Sale by Tender

Achievement and Accolades

Since returning to Malaysia after graduation, and after a few years of “learning the ropes” with some reputable international firms, Sr PL Lee had been steadfastly faithful to his vision of establishing a local firm with the bigness of an international concern. This is no easy feat and he has come a long way in establishing himself since the founding of the First Pacific Group of companies in 1993.

Today, he has proven his mettle by winning the coveted Danaharta’s BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD 2004 in the Overall Tender Exercise from amongst over 300 reputable and established estate agency firms participating under this scheme. In 2002, he was awarded the third runner-up in the same category. Standing on the stage with the champion trophy in hand, Sr PL Lee was a beacon of success beaming with satisfaction of the numerous milestones he had achieved to date.

He had successfully procured and provided valuation services of assets worth well over MR1.5 billion at close of 2005 with astounding real estate sales achievement of about MR100 million in 2004 and in excess of MR200 million in 2005. It will be hard to keep up with this pace, but with hard work, conviction to his faith and determined confidence, he will lead the group to greater heights. He has the know-how, the vision and the commitment.

Pictures from left to right: PL Lee standing 3rd from the let with the champion trophy in his hand, and 5th from the left with the rest of the award winners.